L322 Technic Tracker tyre review

Fitted these tyres on the Cheltenham Brand 4x4 21/11/16 -

4x 255/55r19 Kingpin Technic Mud Terrain MT All Four 255 55 19 Retread Tyres x4

These are MUD TERRAIN tyres and certainly look the part.

So cheap on ebay we couldn't refuse giving them a test.

Fit the RR L322 perfectly although they take some balancing.

Purchased off ebay they arrived on time although packing straps weren't a great idea

as one tyre was slightly cut by the straps. We can live with it.

Fair bit of road noise, a nice dull drone!

Excellent through deep puddles on road.

So far pretty good offroad although nothing more than muddy tracks covered so far.

I will update on further performance of these tyres in due course: See below for updates...

10/01/17 - Having run the tyres for a while now and done a few miles I can confirm:

1 - tyres are noisy on road (that's a given)

2 - tyres are excellent on very wet roads and through water

3 - tyres are not as good on greasy roads as normal road tyres

4 - tyres perform pretty well off road in deep mud etc - you may slip about a bit but you wont get stuck

5 - tyre noise reduces as tyres wear

6 - dont buy these tyres if you do alot of motorway miles as they arent made for that at all

7 - I found a speed around 60mph is about the maximum you want to go with them due to noise and safety

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