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Game Shooting Essentials

Below are a list of essentials for any game shooting scenario, I will leave out the obvious kit requirements of Gun and Ammunition.

1. Fluids - always essential for any outdoor activity, take some tea or coffee even if it is provided

2. Food - if not provided or if you fancy a snack

3. Gun Licence - this should always be to hand when carry a weapon

4. Wet weather clothing - it may look nice now but the weather can change, always take wellies as well.

5. Peaked hat - reduces glare and also helps keep the head warm / dry - rimmed hats keep water from running down the neck

6. Priest - Useful if you clip a bird and it lands near you

7. Ear protection - this should be number one!

8. Money - there is often a small wager at the start and remember you need to tip the gamekeeper

9. Lip Therapy - dry lips and hands are common in Winter and can be annoying

10. Lead (if you have a dog this can be important and is easily forgotten)

11. Hip flash - not essential but it is polite to have some interesting form of alcohol as other people

will offer you some. Sloe Gin is a favourite on a cold morning. But of course remember to partake in moderation.

(NB. Image of a peg being taken at the start of a shoot, it is common to 'take a peg' as this peg number denotes the position you will take on the first stand)

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