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Carp Fishing Overnight Essentials

Below is a list of essentials for over night carp fishing. I will leave out any tackle requirements, including your bivvy as that should be obvious.

1. Water - fluids are essential, above all else, you cannot operate without water

2. Food - setting up for the night is hungry work

you will also sleep better with a full belly

3. Pillows - sleeping bags are hard to forget, pillows less so hence the entry

4. Loo Roll - sounds obvious but its dock leaves if you forget

5. Torch - whilst I prefer to allow my eyes to adjust a torch is vital for intricate work like unhooking and landing fish or cooking food.

6. Hand sanitiser

7. Tooth Brush & paste - I cant sleep with furry teeth

8. Towel x 2 - small towels are very functional - especially if it rains

9. Fishing license - should be in your tackle box anyway

10. Tea - you will need gas, saucepan and lighter to make this which are all essentials

in their own right although some people prefer not to cook on the bank.

11. Batteries - torches, bite alarms, lamps - they all take batteries and you can't sleep if the alarms arent on.

Take these essentials and you will always be happy on the bank.

(NB. Image of an evening at Bradleys Lake, South Cerney)

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